Does life exist beyond the 30 Paintings in 60 Days project?  I am happy to say that yes, it does!

I have been working hard on a couple of commissions (more on those soon).  Also, each week I will posting a Friday Figure Study.  This morning Annie Henrie and I attended the King’s Cottage open studio session with a live model.  Painting from life is much more challenging than using a photograph, but it is also much more fun.  Sometimes the model shifts or moves… or sometimes it feels impossible to get the proportions right.  Today I enjoyed studying the warms, cools, and breaking up the figure into broad planes. My figure study is the photograph on top. 

Elise Wehle is still going strong on her 60 days.  Below is painting is 22.  It is one of my favorites so far.  It reminds me of Paris.

I have also been revamping my Etsy shop!  Check out the new prints and paintings.

06/07/13 at 12:00am
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